I love pointing into the distance pictures. They’re so... movie montage, non? Look at Taylor Swift, holding the baby at the Central Park Zoo, watching the animals, creating a postcard moment for us. It’s very generous.

So this is why they’ve been going bananas on Twitter today. Two weeks ago Taylor Swift and Harry Styles flirted openly at The X-Factor but no pictures. On Saturday she was in LA for the Jingle Ball. By Sunday she was in New York, surrounded by paps from several agencies, enjoying the warm afternoon with friends, one of whom had a baby, which, obviously, makes the story even better.

Taylor wants to have Harry’s babies!

He’s 18. Same age as Conor Kennedy. And I want to believe that even though she’s love-stupid, Taylor Swift wouldn’t actually elope with a One Direction. Am I dumb? And speaking of Conor Kennedy, a lot of people don’t believe that’s really over yet. Amazingly enough, she might be seeing Conor tonight when she receives the Ripple of Hope Award from the Robert F Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. If he can get away from school. 

Here’s Taylor, photographed with Harry Styles for the first time as a new couple, just one day before she’s to be honoured by her ex-boyfriend’s family...? What is she playing at? God Taylor Swift is Good For Gossip.

Oh come on. You love this.