Yeah so she totally doesn’t want to be a Kennedy anymore.

Last night, Taylor Swift was honoured by the Robert F Kennedy Centre. She wore a sparkly dress. She posed with a few members of the Kennedy family, but not Conor Kennedy’s father. Robert Kennedy Jr did did take pictures with Swifty’s friend Dianna Agron though which made it even more obviously awkward why a photo with his son’s ex-gf never happened.

Because she’s over it.

And now it’s all about Harry Styles.

While Taylor was over at the Kennedy event, Harry and One Direction played Madison Square Garden. As soon as she was clear to leave, she hit up the 1D after-party, and here are the first shots of the two of them holding hands last night. Look -- he came prepared with a toiletries bag and a spare t-shirt. Sleepover!

Please. I am obsessed with this.

Check them out, leaving the hotel separately, the morning after. And looking really pleased with themselves. She doesn’t seem embarrassed by it at all. Good. This is what you do at 22 -- you sleep over and you don’t have to wake up the next morning with an engagement ring on your finger, no apologies. Sing about that.