If I could script the gossip, it would be Harry Styles and Selena Gomez instead of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. Because:

a. I love cute overload
b. I love hating cute overload after loving it
c. It would make Justin Bieber CRAZY

But no, while Selena was ensconced at the Four Seasons with JB last night, it was Taylor who supposedly hooking up with Harry backstage at X Factor. Show producers tweeted that they were hanging out together during rehearsals. He also reportedly threw her over his shoulder when she was done with her soundcheck.

Harry is 18, same age as Conor Kennedy. And he likes his women older, as evidenced by his relationship with British presenter Caroline Flack (then 32) earlier this year. It totally makes sense when you think about it. If Taylor Swift could design her perfect boy, he’d have John Mayer’s hair, a Kennedy’s lanky body, the voice of a Jonas, and Ed Sheeran’s accent --

Harry Styles.

Also, 1D’s Little Things is exactly the song Taylor Swift would want a boy to write for a girl. Click here to read the lyrics. SEE???

If Taylor and Harry were dealing with each other though, it was a brief night. He arrived back in London this morning -- photos are attached.