To the Golden Globes.

She’s been nominated for Best Original Song and since by all accounts it’s over with Harry Styles, she’ll need a new boy to fixate on. Why did it end? There are several different versions. Here’s a sampling of some of the reasons:

-He said something he shouldn’t have
-She nagged him too much about other girls
-She said something she shouldn’t have, including telling him that he was “lucky” to be with her
-He couldn’t commit

All very predictable and all of them predicated on the assumption that she’s pathetic and needy. Which is very possible, of course. But... he’s 18. She’s 23. I mean, this is what you do at 18 and 23, hopefully. You hook up and break up as much as you can. Something seems un-permanent about this split though, in the way that people (idiots) their age are un-permanent about...anything.

But it would be so great for gossip if they could reconcile in time for the weekend, non?  Imagine George Clooney rolling up at the Beverly Hilton at the Globes and getting pushed aside and relegated to background if Taylor and Harry arrive -- surprise! -- hand in hand? George would laugh, and he’d be hilarious in interviews about it afterwards and it would make for some really fun entertainment, to say nothing of that kind of white dress when you’re not the bride move, and from someone who was once Kanyed too. We might be underestimating how skilled Taylor Swift is at contriving and controlling a story.

Attached -- a sly Swift papped for the first time this year, enigmatically smiling for cameras, knowing, yet again, that we’re obsessing over her love life. And Styles out in London last night with a “mystery girl”...friend?