Even if it’s not the countryside, let’s pretend like it is. Because life is a movie for Taylor Swift. And since she’s already re-created Dirty Dancing, it’s time to try something decidedly more British. Bridget Jones? Harry is definitely more Daniel Cleaver than he is Mark Darcy. And since Sunday the two have been on a mini-break in England. According to the UK Sun, they’re sharing a “romantic cottage” outside Manchester. Normally The Sun is full of sh-t, only they’ve been seen in pubs by locals, and have taken pictures with fans, though not together. Those fans, of course, have posted those pictures to Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. Click here for an example. And here if you need more. All of it apparently went down close to where Harry was raised. Supposedly they wanted to get away from London and chill for a few days -- and indeed they’ve been seen at the Tesco picking up snacks. Oh! So is it Notting Hill then? She’s Anna Scott and he’s William Thacker?

Word is Taylor has already met Harry’s parents and his sister’s been around the last few days. It’s her birthday tomorrow. What romantic comedy is next on the schedule?