Taylor Swift lost out to Country Bitch last night at the CMT Awards but beat her ass on the carpet with her straight hair, love it so much. Swifty looked amazing, non? For once she’s not wearing sparkles/sequins/gold/silver/a dress from the Enchanted Ball. Good.

Swifty has been extra extra careful about whatever undercover business she has going on with John Mayer the last few months. They are super stealth about their movements, smart not to let anyone catch them connecting, but I’m told last night there was an arrangement for after. Keep you posted on whether or not they pulled it off.

John was there to perform with Keith Urban. He also found his family backstage. Here he is posing with a relative, one of those Jersey Shore cretins, and now maybe he can stop running because clearly there is where he belongs.

Photos from Wenn.com and Rick Diamond/Jason Merritt/Gettyimages.com