As I reported yesterday, Taylor Swift was at Grey Goose Soho House the other night for the August: Osage County afterparty, sharing a booth with a cute mystery boy. We now know his name:

Brenton Thwaites, an Australian actor.

And he was more into it than she was at times. So, we know now that Taylor can be an effective flirter. It’s what happens after, once she has their interest, that’s a mystery.

The thing about Taylor is that she’s a dweller, she obsesses, she can’t get over it. Cynthia Loyst and I were just talking about it in makeup today. If we have a bad show, for example, Cynthia fixates. I on the other hand don’t remember as soon as it’s over, I get over things really quickly, maybe too quickly. It makes me insensitive. Taylor? Taylor can’t get over it. There are cute boys lining up to help her get over it and she still has a hard time.

I don’t blame her for it. This is just how we are made. The difference is that she’s just so famous she has to not get over in public every single time.