Taylor Swift arrived in Tokyo today and was received by the most sterile fan in the world. She brought her guitar. And that’s exciting. Maybe she’ll be writing new songs in her hotel room. About Conor Kennedy or Harry Styles or Reeve Carney. For the time being then, we don’t know, do we?, whether or not it’s Conor or Harry or Reeve. In my ideal gossip world, she told them all that she’d be deciding over the holiday, and making her choice when she gets back. I know a girl who did this in Grade 9. Two boys wanted to “go around” with her, which was what we called it back then. And she was having a hard time picking. So she told everyone at lunch that she’d be taking March break to reflect on both and she’d tell them when she came home from Jamaica with her family. Then one of them went to a movie with another girl and the rumour was that they were making out in the theatre and all kinds of drama blew up when we all came back to school, it was the best.