Twitter is telling us that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were together in Nashville yesterday. And they were dressed the same. And now everyone is wondering whether or not this is happening. They could just be working together. Or the less boring option…

Friends with benefits?

More than friends with benefits?

Here. Let’s play the Photo Assumption:




Hard to say. There’s nothing here that suggests anything or negates anything. He’s holding the bag. But that doesn’t mean he gets to take off her pants. It is interesting to me that they’re in Nashville though. Where she goes to work, sometimes, but also to unplug from her New York life…where she’s a lot more undercover. Which… why would she need to be undercover if they were just recording?

Here they are hanging out with Mick Jagger at the BRITs in February. Taylor keeps saying that it’s hard for her to find a guy who wants to take on all the noise that comes with dating Taylor Swift. Calvin Harris seems like he’d happily take that on.

But is there a friend overlap here? People thought for the longest time that Calvin and Ellie Goulding were together, and Ellie and Taylor are tight. Ellie’s said time and again that they were always just friends. So. If Taylor and Calvin are doing it, that would probably confirm it because Taylor would never, ever pick a boy over her girl, right?