US Weekly is reporting that Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy are over. That it ended without drama. Because he’s in school and she’s promoting a new album around the world and it was too hard to be together...


But love conquers all!

Well, not when there’s an 18 year old boy involved who has...needs.

I imagine then that dumb sh-t will write itself:

You were my spring
And my summer
You were supposed to be my fall
But I was the one who did the falling
Into disappointment
You promised me a Camelot prom
And now it’s just broken streamers
The remnants of my paper mache dreams
Strewn across the gymnasium floor
Good bye Cape Cod, so long Hyannisport
But even though my white house is empty
I’m still the first lady of hope

In goddamn kitten heels.

Here’s Taylor at Letterman earlier this week wearing f-cking kitten heels when a flat would have worked perfectly.