I love this proper rich people gossip story...

So about Taylor Swift and whether or not she crashed Conor Kennedy’s cousin’s wedding - click here if you missed the article yesterday. Taylor’s crashing of the event was confirmed via Boston Herald by Victoria Gifford Kennedy, the mother of the bride. Victoria is Kathie Lee Gifford’s stepdaughter. Kathie Lee was at the wedding. She apparently confirmed on The Today Show this morning that Taylor did indeed crash the wedding and was indeed asked to leave and didn’t. Taylor’s publicist insists that Taylor was a guest of Conor’s who was invited and it was totally OK with the bride who took photos with her and posted them all over social networking.

Like I said yesterday, that Conor kid, a true blood Kennedy, should have known better. Who just ...shows up? RUDE. But, I mean, in this case, aren’t they all?

Everyone here is an asshole.

In fact, I’m hearing now that many Cape Cod gossips - you know, the right kind, from the right society - are actually even more appalled at Victoria’s behaviour. It’s one thing for the “kids” to forget their manners, but what kind of a Kennedy speaks to the press to publicly disparage? Not RVSPing and showing up unannounced is not how we do. But opening your mouth and telling the world is, in these parts, even MORE not how we do. And then having your stepmother talk about it on television?

It’s as bad as a cash bar wedding.

It’s bad form. It’s terrible, TERRIBLE form. It’s definitely not Kennedy form. Kennedy women are not supposed to speak like this. And now they’re nodding their heads at the country club in agreement, tutting between courses. At the country club, Victoria’s bad form might actually be remembered longer.

See? Proper rich people gossip is good.

Attached - Conor and Taylor visiting his mother’s grave the other day. Seriously, how is she going to deal when he goes back as a senior to BOARDING SCHOOL, and can’t be at the clambake with her every day?