TMZ has exclusive video from last night of Taylor Swift at the Sunset Marquis. She’s in the lobby with her friends when Harry Styles approaches to greet someone in her group.

I’ve watched it twice. I don’t see them acknowledging each other. Not even a head nod. Let’s play Video Assumption? It’s our favourite game of drawing conclusions based on body language – not reliable but, um, in this case… pretty reliable?

He’s demonstrably relaxed – like, “Hey, I’m just so chill and confident and I’m going to show you to your face”. And Taylor is… not that relaxed or chill or confident. In fact, she almost shrinks. Shoulders inward, head down. It makes me crazy. Walk down any hallway at any high school and you’ll see this all around you. Girls shrinking.

Attached – Taylor in white and according to photographers she was heading to ballet class. Those are some fancy ballet class clothes.