It’s been a while since Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss have been papped together. And some people were noticing that they weren’t posting many shots of each other on social media which led to speculation that maybe they weren’t as tight anymore and why and was it because of Kanye West or something else, like Karlie didn’t feel like being dragged around as part of the “squad” etc, etc, etc…

Well here they are being tall and fit together and working out together and blowing kisses and generally reassuring (or disappointing) everyone that they are, indeed, fine and stop manufacturing sh-t because they’re best friends forever, OK? OK?

You see that look on Taylor’s face though?

That’s her “ha!” expression.

She’s “ha-ing” you. She’s smugging you. Me. Us. At least that’s how I’m reading it.


Words to live by and my favorite person to dance with!! @karliekloss @bodybysimone

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