Taylor Swift brought her 1989 tour home to Nashville this weekend and there was guest upon guest upon guest upon guest, but by far the biggest guest and get of the show was Mick Jagger himself. They performed Satisfaction together. You know how Paul McCartney keeps showing up at everything and performing for everyone? And, like, I know it’s Paul McCartney but…dude… can we keep it special, please? That’s not Mick Jagger. So, yeah, bragging rights.

Taylor is finally coming to Toronto on Friday. I’m going. All day we’ve been talking about who might join her. WE Day Toronto happens to be the day before. Click here to see the lineup. It’s not impossible for any of those names to show up on stage, is it?

In other Taylor news, a reader called Emily K emailed a link to a great piece at the New Statesman the other day about the reaction to Ryan Adams’s cover of 1989. As you know, Ryan reinterpreted the entire album. And critics are apparently jizzing all over it, crediting HIM for illuminating the brilliance of Taylor’s songwriting and giving depth to her songs. Because, what, he’s like “indie” or something? I haven’t listened to Ryan Adams’s 1989. Because as I’ve said, as I’ve been saying for a year now, I LOVE the original. To me, the original, Taylor’s work, is perfect. It’s perfect pop. Which is art that doesn’t have to be qualified by “punk as f-ck” Ryan f-cking Adams. Click here to read the article.

And finally…

Taylor and Calvin Harris have been kinda quiet lately, non? Are your smutty senses tingling?