Taylor Swift has been touring. But there was a 6 day break. So she’s back in LA and met up with her BFF Selena Gomez last night, among others, and they hit up the bowling alley. Cute. Cory Monteith, or someone who looks a lot like Cory Monteith, was also there. There had been reports that the two are dating...

Curiously those reports surfaced just as gossips started buzzing about her relationship with John Mayer. Click here and here for a refresher. Back in January and February it was slamdunk. My Nashville sources say Swifty was indeed with Douchey...

And then the tour kicked in. Just in time. Because that was when the masturbation and the Jessica Simpson crack/sexual napalm controversy exploded.

So... where’s John Mayer now?

Funny that. He’s playing LA tomorrow night so he’s in town. And so is she.


Totally unrelated right?

No conspiracy, only a coincidence? Please.

Photos from Wenn.com