Even boys?

Oh the kids. The kids are writing a new book with a new code.

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez went out last night for dinner and frozen yoghurt, girls on a girls’ night, just two nights after date night and a sleepover when TSwizzle hooked up with T Lautner at the hockey game and then at a hotel on Sunday. On Monday the two Taylors hooked up again – he was with her during her new video shoot and then dinner with her mom.

But just to make sure we all know the claws aren’t coming out, Swizzle and Selena enjoyed themselves for the cameras even though Selena just a few months ago was herself dating Lautner. If it’s not offside for them, it shouldn’t be for anyone else. But my head hurts. It’s so hard to keep track. Especially when you throw the Vagina Virgin connection in there too. Swift and Selena both kissed Jonases, a Joe and a Nick, and now they share a Lautner.

Here’s Taylor Lautner is out and about yesterday in LA. I don’t know what he has against trainers. Converse should give him a call.

Photos from SCOTT/RADCLIFFE/Bauergriffinonline.com