Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez went out for lunch yesterday. And there were a lot of paps around to document the event. Conveniently this happened just after Madonna released the poster for her new video – which has finally dropped on Tidal (so, naturally, I’m waiting for it to be made available on YouTube and besides, I heard the last 30 seconds of it is f-cked up…so this doesn’t look great on Jay Z either) – featuring Beyonce, Katy Perry, Minaj, Miley, and others… kinda like Bad Blood.

And now people are wondering if Taylor’s t-shirt, obviously a shout-out to Rachel Platten, with whom she performed a few days ago (click here to watch), has another meaning. She seems to have a lot of time on her hands giving double meanings to everything she does and this style choice could totally  serve another purpose.

As for Selena…who played the “Katy Perry” part in the Bad Blood video…

It’s been a while since Taylor and Selena hooked up for a date, just them. Used to happen all the time. Then, well, between Justin Bieber drama and Taylor’s friend-collecting, these outings became rare. I wonder how that works. Because Taylor’s on tour right now. And on her days off from the tour, as you know, she has all kinds of friends to catch up with, and a boyfriend. You think she puts people on rotation, ranked according to importance? Gigi Hadid is buzzy right now so she’s moved up on the list; even though she’s dating Taylor’s ex Joe Jonas, Gigi’s profile has earned his forgiveness – and besides, Joe Jonas is way too small fish to feud with anyway. Karlie Kloss will always occupy a top spot because they’re twinsies. But someone like, say, Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony probably has to wait on standby, and likely doesn’t get any more face time than once a quarter. But friendship isn’t about status, right?

Oh come on. I’m picturing a special Burn Book-like document that chronicles the stock value of all of her friends. There has to be one.