Well sh-t, that’s a surprise. Can you contain your sarcasm?

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner – Us Weekly is confirming that they’re over. You’ll recall, it was “revealed” that they hooked up in October, only a month before the release of New Moon. Sadly, their young love has run its course. Right.

Apparently he liked her more than she liked him. There are no hard feelings though, they parted as friends, just like he and Taylor’s other friend Selena Gomez parted as friends, and now we’ll have to wait a few months until his next girlfriend when Eclipse hits theatres in June.

As for Valentine’s Day, the movie on which Taylor and Taylor worked together, well, the added angst of sharing a carpet with the ex certainly won’t hurt that teen box office, non?


It’s the New Year. Stop being so cynical.

Photo from Wenn.com