Tim Tebow was in LA for Oscar weekend. On Friday he hit up a party and met Taylor Swift. On Sunday he went to Vanity Fair and had his picture taken with just about everyone, including, as attached, Jon Hamm and Kate Upton.
But even the excitement of all his new celebrity fangirls couldn’t diminish the effect that Swifty must have had on him because the next evening Tebow met up with her for dinner. At the end of the meal, like a proper gentleman, he walked her out before heading back inside to rejoin their table where two companions remained, believed to be their respective agents.

So...they were chaperoned?

That totally means they’re getting married.

But only after a long respectable courtship. That’s why Swifty’s now off for Australia. Good girls have supervised dinners and talk on the phone for a couple of weeks before agreeing to the next date. Unless of course it’s John Mayer on the other end.

Taylor Swift is not unlike Anne Hathaway in this regard. She wants to do the right thing on paper. But sometimes it’s too hard to resist the boys that should be reisted.

If you believe their press releases, there is no one more suited to Taylor Swift than Tim Tebow. And no one more suited to Tim Tebow than Taylor Swift. Tim and Taylor. Taylor and Tim. Just a simple “T” or better a simple “t” for their wedding invitations and their place settings. And the wedding album soon to follow.