After hustling for his Emmy in Hollywood last week, Tom Hiddleston flew out of LA on one of Taylor Swift’s private jets. Click here to see a shot of him at the airport in Burbank. The two evidently spent a couple of days together at her home in Rhode Island. Fans then tracked her plane to Nashville and then back to LA where he apparently flew commercial to Australia from LAX. A fan got a photo with him there yesterday:


He's really so Loki (low-key) in real life! ❤️ #tomhiddleston

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So, presumably, since Taylor was not sighted at LAX, she’s in Nashville now and has not joined him as he resumes work on Thor 3. That’s not my point though. My point is that, amazingly, they were in Rhode Island together and the paps did not catch their love on the rocks, kissing on the rocks. Were they just really, really SO LUCKY that first day for those first photos? Come on, now. With private planes and security and all that money, Taylor Swift can avoid being photographed when she wants to avoid being photographed. And the reason I keep repeating this is because, incredibly, some people still don’t get it.

Right now, they’ve decided his work should be the focus. And for her, it’s also a good idea to actually (FINALLY) practise some chill, to build up some curiosity, make us miss her. Because if she really is going to the Emmys with him in September, it’ll be that much bigger of a deal when they show up if they haven’t been around for a while. A mega cockblock for everyone else but… I mean… isn’t that the point?