Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were seen at LAX yesterday, arriving from Rhode Island and then turning around and flying out again. It’s now confirmed: she has joined him in Australia where he’s set to start working on the new Thor movie. And it was breaking news there!


People in Australia are freaking out over the Swoki arrival with fans camped out at the airport, a live “Swifty cam” awaiting their arrival, and news crews stationed outside their hotel on the Gold Coast. Like, this is how it is when the royals go places. And Swoki Love isn’t even a month old yet!

Do they love it?

Of course they love it. Both of them love it.

You know why I think they love it? Check this video of them making their way through the connection at LAX the other day.

The paps are asking them the questions that the internet is asking. “Is it true the relationship is for publicity?” Right to their faces. And their faces?


So they know. As we’ve talked about repeatedly, they KNOW. It’s not like they’re not aware of the speculation and suspicion. And they keep doing it. They keep living it. They are expecting it. So does that mean they’re ahead of the game, whatever the game?

I am enjoying this game. Especially today, I enjoy this game. And it continues…

How long before the rumours begin that Taylor will have a cameo in Thor: Ragnarok?