Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were back in LA yesterday after #Taymerica. They arrived at LAX and then, according to the paps, boarded another plane, supposedly headed for Australia? The new Thor movie started production there this week. So, presumably, since Taylor isn’t touring, she’s joining him there for a while. Before we get to that, let’s talk about the #Taymerica photographer.

I suggested the other day that, given the quality of the photographs released during the #Taymerica social media drop, Taylor (just like Beyoncé has been doing the last few years for her archive) had likely hired a professional photographer to document the event. Turns out there appears to have been a professional photographer there. Beyoncé hoards her sh-t, and then dribbles it out in scraps, so that we freak out when we see her wedding or pregnancy footage at one of her concerts or in one of her videos. But the wait on Beyoncé can be years. Beyoncé is patient. Beyoncé never blows her load. She’ll be releasing her own stored-up exclusives for decades. This… isn’t Taylor’s strength. She is a burster. She bursts. She doesn’t hold back. At least she hasn’t been known to. Will she be able to?

And remember, before Beyoncé – and now Taylor – there was Madonna. Truth Or Dare was cameras following Madonna around constantly for a documentary. When you get to that level of superstardom, the camera thing, the official photographer thing, it’s a given.

As for Swoki and their status, Page Six is reporting today that Tom is over Taylor’s relentless public flaunting of their relationship. Which must have been posted before they realised that they’d be travelling together through LAX. Because look at Tom here, trying to hold back his smugness at the attention, with his hand on her back as they made their way through the crowd. That doesn’t look to me like a man who’s tired of anything. And he would know. He would definitely know that he and Taylor have been THE topic of gossip, especially over the last few days. He would know, from his management, that there are people questioning the Swoki realness, that there are fans throwing up in angst over his “I (heart) TS” tank. And yet Swoki continues, to yet another continent.

Emmy nominations happen a week from today. Will Swoki last the summer to make their red carpet debut at the Emmys on September 18th? I wish we could bet on this.