The (debatably unfair) perspective on Taylor Swift has always been that she’s the girl who falls in love in five minutes and the next thing you know she’s ordering her lover’s initials on her stationery and planning the wedding. If you want to believe that about her then you now have to believe that about Tom Hiddleston. Because I’ve never, ever seen anyone more game to play the game. Even more game than Justin Theroux. Tom is Taylor’s lobster! And they would totally talk about each other like they’re each other’s lobsters!

As you know, Swoki was in Nashville last week and hung out with her parents. Then they flew to England for the weekend and were photographed all over the place with his ma, his sisters, his brother-in-law, etc.

There were several beach walks. There was a lot of family time. And look at him. He’s into it. There is zero escape face on him. Even in the presence of all the paps blocking the small town road, even as they’re being followed, HE’s not just a willing participant, he has to be driving this too. In fact, he might be driving most of it. Because it’s not like she’s forcing her way into his ma’s house. And he’s the one angling for an Emmy nomination (for The Night Manager) and a Bond title. He might have more to gain than she does. And, as we can see, he’s just as extra. 

Which seems to be a problem – the EXTRA that these two are throwing down. It’s SO much. It’s SO fast. I can judge on the much. But I can’t judge on the fast. I broke up with another guy to get with Jacek and we spent 14 total days together before moving in, and got engaged 6 months later. Like, seriously, these two, Swoki, they were made for each other. And they were made for us. In these times, they are the couple we deserve. 

Ps they're in Italy now!