When I wrote about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston at Selena Gomez’s show the other day, I asked for some updated photos of them that I could use. And they obliged. That night they were papped leaving the venue, holding hands, in the same frame.

And there’s more. Last night they went out for dinner, still in Nashville, holding hands once again. E! has the exclusive photos and details:

How long has it been now? Over a week, inseparable, and he’s met and hung out with her friends, and stayed at three of her homes (that we know of): Rhode Island, New York, and Nashville. Tom was seen in LA just before they flew out to Rhode Island though so it’s a good possibility that he was with her there too. Does she own any other real estate that he needs to visit?

It’s not like they wouldn’t know what’s being said. It’s not like they don’t know that Swoki has become an obsession. It’s not like they don’t know they’re covering magazines now:

So when they’re going out, in the presence of photographers, with their hands clasped, well, nobody minds here. We don’t mind. And they definitely, definitely don’t mind. Consider this: when Tom was dating Elizabeth Olsen? They wouldn’t even admit it let alone allow themselves to be photographed in a couple-confirmation position. More evidence that Tom Hiddleston likes the Taylor Swift spotlight. Just like the other guy, only majorly upgraded. And Tom’s stage name isn’t Ty Jackson.

PS – everyone’s talking about some radio interview he gave talking about his relationship with Taylor Swift. It’s FAKE.