It’s a milestone in every relationship, the first fight. Are you the kind of person who memorialises every moment of your relationship? You know sometimes in movies there’s a character who pulls a shoebox out from under the bed and inside there will be a bus ticket from the first date, and the napkin he used when he proposed, or a matchbox from the place where …whatever, you get my point. I have tried so hard to be that person! I start…and then I can’t finish. Like for Jacek’s birthday in 2015 I got him a notebook. And the gift was that I’d write nice things about him in that notebook for the entire year so that he could go back and read about how awesome he is. His birthday is in April. I made it to June. My problem is that I’m great at the ideas and sh-t at the maintenance.

You know who would have kept going and maintaining? Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift keeps the shoebox going. Taylor Swift would commemorate the first fight. And, according to US Weekly, her first fight, what they’re calling a “major argument”, with Tom Hiddleston happened at the beginning of August. Major clickbait, right? Tom yelled at Taylor for all the pap shots! Taylor yelled at Tom because he wouldn’t hate-tweet Katy Perry!

None of these things happened. US’s source says it was a “major argument” over the fact that:

“There was so much going on so it was hard making their schedules work and they were upset they couldn’t see each other.”

Ummm…are you deflated? I am. Where’s the drama? I need more drama. That said, if anyone can memorialise a first fight that is that boring, it’s Taylor Swift.