My friend Michelle loves Taylor Swift. There are many reasons, I won’t get into them all, but one of them is for Taylor’s tallness. Michelle is tall too. Like 5 ft 10 or something. She enjoys tall-offing on people. At the Grey Goose Oscar party last year, Cameron Diaz was dancing behind us so Michelle positioned herself back to back, and discovered that she was taller even though she was wearing shorter heels. This became her favourite boast subject all weekend. I have since learned that tall-offing is a common tall person pastime.

So this is a very tall Taylor Swift not afraid of her height, never apologetic, in at least 4 inches today in Sydney, posing next to LipGloss Zac Efron at the Australian premiere of 17 Again. He’s probably seething about it. Let’s play Photo Assumption on his face:

What a bitch. And I texted her and told her to wear flats too. Vanessa would never do this to me. Vanessa would have stood between us to buffer the height difference.

And that, my friends, is the purpose of Vanessa Hudgens.

Photos from SNAPPER MEDIA/