There are five elements in Chinese philosophy: Fire, Wood, Water, Earth, and Metal (but the Chinese word for it is “gold”). We believe that each person has their own zodiac sign and elemental phase. For example, I was born in the Year of the Ox in the metal phase. Which is why my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken likes to joke that I’m a Golden Ox. Jacek, my husband, is a Water Rabbit. The Rabbit and the Ox are OK together and Metal/Gold boosts Water, so that’s the value-added assessment she gave early on to our compatibility.

This is what was going through my mind on New Year’s Eve when I stumbled home at 3am after a party and watched Taylor Swift’s video for Out Of The Woods on my phone in bed – I was trying to see if she was representing all the Chinese elements. The water is there, so is the earth, the metal could be the necklace, the wood is obvious, and then the woods get set on fire. In my drunken state I wondered if Taylor Swift was Chinese. And part Leonardo DiCaprio:

Anyway, you might say that, since all the elements are represented, that this is a well-balanced video. But there is no 6th element. And if there was, it definitely wouldn’t be cheese. Which comes in the form of those corny-ass title cards at the beginning and the end:

She lost him.


She lost him
But she found herself
And somehow that was everything.

That’s always been Taylor’s artistic style, non? She can’t just let you come to your own conclusion. She has to force her conclusion upon you. In this case, she’s telling you she’s Carrie Bradshaw. So, um, is Calvin Harris John “Big”?

They spent the holidays together. Click here if you missed it. And she was with him in Vegas for New Year’s Eve.



new year eve with Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift

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So. A proposal before or after the Grammys?

Attached - Taylor leaving the gym in West Hollywood on the weekend.