Taylor Swift was in London last night with all her model friends and musician friends and lots of friends, friends everywhere. It was the ELLE Style Awards. And, can you believe it, she’s not wearing Elie Saab. Or shorts.

This might be the best dress I’ve seen her wear on a carpet in a long time. And mostly because it isn’t curtains. I’d rather see her in this than the kind of sh-t she always wears to the Grammys. How can it not be better than this?

I like the hair pushed off her face. I like the pale lips, the clean face, and the dramatic eyes. I like that we’re seeing something different. I like that she left with Ellie Goulding and Cara Delevingne and I wonder whether or not, when she suggested she wanted to go back to her suite and hang out and watch movies all night, Cara told her that was boring and made her hit the underground scene instead.

Taylor is performing tonight at the BRIT Awards. Hopefully it will be Style. She hasn’t taken Style live yet. And since the video was so disappointing, I need her to make it up to us.



Cause we never go out of (Elle) style (awards)..... @samsmithworld

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