I still love her. Still admire her. Am still down with her talent, her capability, her attitude, her work. But can we all concede she’s not strong on vocals? On the night when she should have been backing up her wins and nominations with some vocals, the vocals totally sucked sh-t. Could barely stand to listen to it. Then Duana mentioned that she almost elbowed Stevie Nicks’s head off and suddenly we were looking at a bit of a disaster.

Taylor Swift is now the youngest artist to win Album of the Year. But the performance last night left a lot of room for improvement. Maybe next year we’ll grow out of the sparkly dresses too. It’s sea foam mermaid prom worn by a giraffe. Seriously, she’s so tall and lanky, that gown made her look freakishly long. See?

And then there’s the “oh gosh surprise” reaction. That’s it. After these Grammys, that reaction is getting retired. When you sweep every award show in a season, you’re no longer allowed to be surprised. So today, now that it’s behind us, that sh-t has expired. It’s time.

Finally...about this business with Cory Monteith – they sat together at a pre-Grammy party on Saturday after being spotted out for dinner last week so now of course she’s totally going to marry him.

Is our Swifty a manslinger?

I’m all for it.

More likely however – it’s a conveniently cutesy coverup for the f-ckery that’s happening with John Mayer. I’m told they went out for coffee together in Nashville, she and John, the morning after a group dinner with friends when he was alleged to have been seen at her house. If she’s smart enough to stay away from that douchebag, all the offkey business is totally forgotten.

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