Taylor Swift stepped out last night in New York for the Kings Of Leon show with Cara Delevingne, Lorde, Dakota Johnson, Suki Waterhouse, and some other models. Taylor and Cara have been spending a lot of time together lately. And Cara’s been spending time with Dakota Johnson. They all wanted us to see them Facetiming last week:


🎂❤️ Happy birthday❤️🎂 @dakotajohnson #facetimefamilyphoto @taylorswift

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Cara, as you know, is no longer with St Vincent. They broke up around the time Suicide Squad came out. Dakota and her ex, Matthew Hitt ended things in July. Lorde and her boyfriend reportedly were done at the beginning of the year. And, of course, Swoki summer loving came to end in time for Labour Day. So the four of them, is this like a club for singles? Are they living out their own version of Sex And The City?

Cara and Taylor are now so close that she’s apparently been staying at Taylor’s place in New York. Which is interesting to me because Cara’s brand has never been to be one of the fakes. Like, if Swoki was some kind of elaborate fraud presented at #Taymerica, I can’t imagine Cara being one of the people who’d willing participate in that kind of bullsh-t. (Also Uzo Aduba.) This is partly why I never bought into the idea that Swoki was a stunt. That said, what do Cara and Taylor do together when they’re alone? When you imagine Taylor Swift in private, reciting her list of enemies like Arya Stark (Kanye, Kim, Katy, Demi, Miley) before she goes to bed every night, where does Cara Delevingne fit into that? Does Cara have her own hate list burn book? Or, somehow, is Taylor’s association with Cara and Lorde and even Dakota Johnson, whose image also skews on the “realer” side”, kinda validating?

There have been rumours that Taylor’s about to drop a new album this month. The Washington Post last week pulled together all the signs that seem to point to an October 23th release. And the president of her label deleted a previous tweet from earlier this year when he denied that there would be new music from Taylor in 2016. And she’s got a show coming up and that pre-Super Bowl AT&T gig in February, just days before the Grammys.

If Taylor is planning to reassert her dominance in music very soon, however, I wonder about the wisdom in not keeping a low profile. Like you’d think if that was really what she’s planning, she’d go underground for at least a few weeks, so that the impact of the album coming out will be that much more profound. I mean, the fact that she’s going out with her friends on a Wednesday night isn’t enough to dispel the speculation, not even close. But she’s always been so strategic and thorough with her business, her career, and if a “surprise” album is actually what we’re getting, how surprising is it when everyone’s already talking about it and she’s been so accessible?