This may be my favourite Taylor Swift of all time. The way she’s been styled, this might her best ever.

And it goes back to what I said about Beyonce – taking her own steeze and twisting it out for the Met Gala on a night for McQueen. That would be the bottom and the structuring of that dress, and that pattern across her body, like a blot that’s spreading out across her torso, reminds me what it looks like to study a stain underneath a microscope, forming what’s certainly not the prettiest shape, with just a hint of ugliness even, without the obviousness of, say, a torture mask on one’s face; and this is a good balance for her, I think –not huge a leap off the cliff, but some movement towards the outer the edge of where she usually lives sartorially. Hair pulled back, no ringlets, dark lips, and even a little defiant? That may be a stretch. But whatever it is, I’m into it. More of it.

Photos from and Stephen Lovekin/Larry Busacca/