My biggest worry with Taylor Swift is how mad she’s going to be at herself. Sooner rather than later. I could be wrong , but I think it’s coming.

Someday soon she is going to hear that she “doesn’t take enough chances” or that she can’t be considered for what she wants because she’s not edgy enough, and she will look back with regret, I think. Regret that when she was young and fit she wasted performances sitting in a café chair. I don’t know how much budget it took to build this forgettable Paris set, but couldn’t it have been used on any other set or lighting or extras that weren’t so cheesy and predictable? There’s literal and then there’s shockingly literal.

Taylor defies comparison, of course. Her newest album is selling like mad and people still really approach the “which guy is this song about?” thing as if it were a challenge. (Seriously, a fight broke out in the comments below the YouTube video for this song). I don’t care if she never changes her song style, this way-too-full-of-details sort of, like, narratif of her love life. Only she can do it like her.

But the performances, Please God. They’re always these elaborate sets that leave nothing to the imagination and the costumes are just dresses, and yes you’re sweet and lovely but you make the same face every time you say “little ki-id” and Carrie Underwood was just some sort of grey-clad pyrotechnic Medusa, and it looked awesome. Has nobody spoken to her about expanding her view on “production value”?

Also. Taylor. If you are going to sing live, please choose a song where your voice can actually SUPPORT the low note that you hit every time so that it is AUDIBLE. “But I-I [inaudible],  I-I [inaudible]” Seriously?  It’s the end of almost every line of the song and you can’t hear it!  Use your diaphragm, woman!

Oooh, I called her a woman.   Am I in trouble?