This is what I’m calling her dress. Because the lavender and the lace and the embroidery, it all reminds me of a certain generation of delicate ladies who refer to their Summer’s Eves in hushed tones and never miss an afternoon of tea. So why the f-ck is Taylor Swift wearing it? She hurts me with her style. I love her so much and she hurts me with her style so hard.

As for her performance at the ACM Awards last night – well, it was better than at the Grammys, but she’s definitely not a strong live vocalist. And that’s ok. She’s a strong songwriter. And that balances it out. It’s really too bad about the terrible taste in clothing though. And also the terrible taste in men. My sources tell me she’s still seeing John Mayer on the low whenever they get the chance.

Mayer however was not in Vegas for the ACMs. He was at Coachella and managed not to spray his douche all over the lawn. In fact, Mayer’s kept his promise so far. He’s held his asstalk in check, he’s managed to control his raging desire to be the centre of attention at all times. But there are some egos that can’t be held back. Wait for it.

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