Here’s Taylor Swift yesterday at the Kennedy compound with Robert F Kennedy Jr. And, well, you know, because it’s Taylor, one day she hopes she’ll get to call him Dad. Taylor is dating Kennedy’s son, Conor, who is 18. So, like, obviously he’ll never want another girlfriend, ever again.

As I reported exclusively two weeks ago, Taylor is so confident in their love she put an offer on a property next door. Click here for a refresher. PEOPLE has now confirmed that she has indeed purchased the home for $5 million. Is that how it is for rich people? Oh, if we break up, I’ll just sell it.

Maybe for some rich people but where Taylor is concerned, this must be forever...

Even though he’ll be GOING BACK TO BOARDING SCHOOL after the summer.

Still...all that shopping at Anthropologie is totally paying off. She totally has the Kennedy wardrobe down. If you dress your dreams, they will come true.