Last week I wondered whether or not Smutty Swift Collecting should be a daily feature on this blog. I feel like there is totally enough material to make it happen. Taylor played two shows in New Jersey this weekend. And, as expected, she collected. Everything counts in large amounts. (I had Depeche Mode on repeat all weekend.)

There was the US Women’s soccer team, coming off their gold medal at the FIFA World Cup. Totally fits in with the squad theme.

And also…Crazy Eyes has been collected. Uzo Aduba.

Tavi Gevinson tweeted three times about Taylor’s show, concluding with the following:

“Cares for her crew like no other.”

That’s the message we’ve been hearing consistently about Taylor. From Lena Dunham and Martha Hunt, they’ve all said that she’s the best friend, the most thoughtful, the most empowering. Even Katniss thinks so:

Jennifer Lawrence thinks Taylor’s a “badass bitch”. And they text each other. Also, Katie Holmes was at the show with Suri (thanks Robyn!):

And Blake Lively too, although a photo of that hasn’t turned up yet. Matter of time.

We haven’t even counted the guest performers yet. The Weeknd and Nick Jonas. So, basically, it was collector gluttony. And she’s still touring for another 6 months! There are 5 shows coming up in LA in August where she’ll basically take over Hollywood. Because at this point, she doesn’t have to invite anyone. They’re the ones calling up and asking for the opportunity.