Love Taylor Swift. So cute. Is a teen, acts like a teen and I never want to punch her in the beat-me mouth. Taylor Swift doesn’t have a beat-me mouth. Or, for that matter, a beat-me father.

This is Taylor on the new cover of Flare on stands May 11th. What does she look like with straight hair? Am curious to see.

Anyway, in the interview, Taylor tells the magazine that, given that her fanbase is so young, and that the economy is in the sh-ts, it was important to her to make her tour affordable:

“It was important for me to make my new tour available to all people—even ones who are having had a hard time with the economy. I don’t want anyone to be excluded from my audience because of money problems.”

She’s also not down with boys who can’t handle her celebrity – like a Vagina Virgin who has to be the centre of attention…and his band?

“I steer clear from guys that have an issue with me having the spot light. If someone I’m with gets really irritated when fans comes up and ask for my autograph, it’s never going to work out. That’s a definite red flag.”

But Taylor’s biggest problem? In my opinion, Taylor’s biggest problem is the JailBait. She’s friends with the Jailbait. And we’re talking Nicole Richie/Ebola Hilton here. It’s a major flaw.

“Miley is definitely not my competition. I think it would be a real shame to disallow yourself from having a really cool friendship with someone just because they are in the same line of work. You can never prevent people from creating feuds in the media, but what you can do is control how you view competition. I just don’t compete with other people, I compete with myself.”

Here’s Taylor in London last night happily hanging out with fans who were waiting outside her hotel.

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