I guess when you’re her age, boys are always on the mind. If only, she would argue at least, for inspiration when she’s writing her new album. After Jakey there was that Chord boy from Glee – a brief date in February – and now according to Us Weekly, Taylor Swift’s latest romantic target is Garrett Hedlund who is apparently recording a country album in Nashville (?) and the two hooked up for dinner last Friday. The magazine says that it was their first time and they spent about 4 hours together.

They’ve supposedly known each other a while and Swifty made the move over email to get together. So they’re not, like, boyfriend-girlfriend just yet. Maybe handholding at the movies? Or playing for plush toys at the carnival and giggling about it over ice cream during a movie montage? A date with her feels like it would be like that: one music video at a time.

As for how they would have met in the first place…


Gwyneth Paltrow was the one who introduced Taylor to Jakey G, and Gwyneth Paltrow worked with Garrett on Country Strong, GOOP’s sh-t then is probably all over this one too.

File photos from Wenn.com