Taylor Swift has been on tour in Australia the last couple of weeks. Blake Lively has been in Australia the last couple of weeks shooting a movie. They decided to be friends. And they decided to show us that they're friends. So we're still collecting, I guess. Always collecting. And flaunting that perfectly curated collected life.

Because could there be a more perfectly curated photo? Nothing says "our lives are perfect" better than the jump up group shot, like an ad for American Eagle/Hollister/Abercrombie, all the brands I can't tell apart.

The illusion here is that they did this on the first try. Probably. But have you ever been photographed this way? In the air? With all the meat on your thighs travelling at the same speed at the same time instead of pulling in different directions? And your tits not punching you in the face or flopping around at different heights?

Do it in the mirror. How much do you have to practise?

The Grammy nominations are in. You know Taylor worked hard to be recognised and now she's cleared the first step, nominated in all major categories.