As I first reported on Monday, Taylor Swift was seen in Chattanooga on Friday where Matty Healy and The 1975 were performing. Click here for a refresher. Then she went to London for Victoria’s Secret. Now she’s back in New York. And last night she and her model friends Martha Hunt and Lily Aldridge were in VIP at The 1975 show at Terminal 5.



According to some fans who were there, during the song Falling For You, Matty pointed at Taylor…

While holding onto a bottle of wine.

I can’t tell you how much I love this. How much I love that this has the potential to turn into a mess. Am I an asshole for saying that?

Word is, Matty was missing for at least part of the afterparty. I got an email from a reader called B this morning:

“I was at the after party for the 1975 tonight at the Box in NYC, the whole band was there except for Matty. From no fewer than three members (George, John, Ross) and a number of groupies/hangers on, this was because he was "back at the hotel f**king Taylor Swift". Thought you might enjoy this, for what its worth I didn't spot her at the concert with the rest of us who were VIP, but he's not really the type to skip out on a party unless there is something else on offer.”

It’s early right now (9am ET) so I haven’t heard back from other sources yet to cross-check but, I mean, she doesn’t up at his concert and then …go home by herself, does she? Would you?

Here’s Taylor on the cover of the new issue of Billboard. They’ve named her Woman Of The Year.  She’s also just been nominated for a Grammy for Record of the Year (Shake It Off). The entire album isn’t eligible yet until next year but the single is up against Fancy, Stay With Me, Chandelier, and All About That Bass.