And I don’t mean Jake Gyllenhaal.

As you know, I am obsessed with celebrity travel baggage. How much, how little, and in the case of Taylor Swift… holy f-ck what is happening in there?

Swifty arrived at Venice airport today en route for Milan. She’s supposed to perform there. I know your immediate inclination is to be all like, oh that’s just what she needs for the stage and whatever but no… those are things that can be shipped, those are absolutely not things she needs to schlep with her person from city to city. And besides, she was in Venice for a holiday. It’s not like the tour stopped there anyway.

As already mentioned, I am generally a light packer. Except for this trip to Europe because of all the coats involved. And the reason there are so many coats involved is because I shoot outside and I have to wear a different one each time. Two suitcases is already a pain in the ass. Can you imagine this? Taylor though, as you can see, has people pushing her sh-t around for her. I guess I might feel differently if I did too. But I’ve seen Cameron Diaz head to London with a small carry on and still manage to wear something different every day. Also, Posh always seems to walk to and from the airport separately from her baggage. Don’t tell me you think she travels lightly. Please.

Anyway, Taylor will be touring through Europe and the UK until the end of March. Then she gets a break for almost two months before resuming in North America going nearly straight to the end of October. Not much time for any dating shenanigans, you would think, although this one is boy crazy – she’ll find it somewhere.

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