As Maria noted in her Tidal post, Taylor Swift was probably THE biggest name not present and accounted for at the Tidal kickoff yesterday. I say THE biggest name because, love her or hate her, you cannot deny Taylor’s chart influence, not only with the latest album 1989 but her previous ones too. She’s cleared a million in her first week with the last three releases. No one who was there yesterday at Tidal could say the same. Right now then, she’s probably the most bankable of them all. And while they were talking about a new way of banking their art, she was over in LA. Hiking. Then out for dinner with Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony.

I’d love to hear how a conversation between JayZ and Taylor Swift goes down about this. Jay might be shrugging, like Tidal doesn’t need her. Who needs who less? That’s who’d have more negotiating flex. You know what name just popped into my head, out of the blue?

Jake Gyllenhaal. Who is close with JayZ. If we’re Gossip Genie-ing dream scenarios, scripting our own narrative, this is one I’d suggest in the writing room. Jay recruits Jake to talk Taylor into Tidal. Taylor hates Jake and they are never, ever, ever getting back together…

But can’t resist, out of curiosity. Does she give in? Cliffhanger!