Taylor Swift is currently on tour. Some artists, when they’re touring, they stay on the bus, you hardly ever see them papped. Taylor Swift is on tour…and she’s been as visible as ever. After all, summertime for Taylor now means New York sidewalk runways. I would miss that. She’s doing us a service, OK?
And now that she has a boyfriend, come on. She wouldn’t want to miss that, would she?

Taylor and Calvin Harris left her apartment holding hands yesterday and then went out for dinner. How many of these crop top skirt combinations does she own? It’s amazing. I feel like she’s been wearing a different one every day for a year – which is why they all now look the exact same. It’s the Taylor Swift uniform. At this point she could sell it. Sell it to schools. It’d be timely. There’s a big ass controversy happening right now in Toronto over girls wearing crop tops to school and being sent home for it. Click here to read about it.

OMG. Imagine if Taylor Swift joined the student movement?