Taylor Swift taped an appearance on Ellen Degeneres in Los Angeles. Ellen brought up Jakey G. Taylor didn’t deny it, she didn’t even bother protesting – we’re just friends! – like they always do. No, no, that would be terrible PR. Is it all PR? Some of you seem to think so because it’s been all so conveniently timed. And also because you want him with someone else, because you don’t approve of his choice. Yeah but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. You CAN exploit something that’s real. The Brange and the Beckhams do it every day.

So Taylor was on Ellen and oh look – Jakey G arrived in LA yesterday too. But Jakey G, hot as he is, and he is So.F-cking.Hot in Love & Other Drugs, is not my favourite when he’s dressing like he’s from Canada. Tom Hardy has the badassery, somehow, to make it work. But few have the badassery of Tom Hardy. Not even Jakey.

So what’s with the coordinated travel schedule? Coincidence or conspiracy? Well, it’s certainly convenient. Both of them are on promotional duty after all. But here’s the thing with Jake: he had a brief fling with Isabel Lucas last Spring – click here for a refresher - and that only lasted all of maybe a month. He’s in play mode. And I hope he’s been clear with Swifty about the fact that he’s in play mode, something John Mayer obviously failed to do.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com