Murder is making headlines today in gossip.

Would like to balance this out with a little showbiz sweetness. Hello Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is 19. Sometimes she looks even younger. Taylor Swift poses on magazine covers and still comes across delightfully fresh, unlike her mash mouthed Miley counterpart who has her father’s blessing when she wraps her jailbaity legs around a pole on national television.

The difference however between Taylor and Miley is talent.

Taylor is talented. Very.

Signed to a publishing deal at 14, she wrote first, performed later, and still remains relatively humble and wellrounded, observed to be delightful with fans, playful and fun with her colleagues, professional at work, and not an overly sexualised future stripper.

Taylor has been in London, performed at V Fest, spotted making talk show rounds, always gracious to fans, and even ordered pizza for them the other night outside her hotel.

Please don’t change.

For Crespi who loves her.

And for those who haven’t seen this yet – it’s Taylor with Keith Urban surprising him with her band by dressing up as Kiss during their show. So f-cking cute.

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