Taylor Swift was in Rhode Island for Thanksgiving. It wasn’t #Taymerica, but she did hit the beach again for a photo shoot and, once again, she gave us a holiday drop after it happened. Earlier this week, Taylor was in New York supporting Todrick Hall at Kinky Boots. Then they all got on her jet to join her family at her home for dinner.


Happy Thanksgiving

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That’s such a bonus to being her friend – the ride. Like when it’s time for everyone to leave, Taylor will have her planes take people where they need to go, even if she’s not going with you.

So what’s on the schedule when you’re invited for Taylor Thanksgiving? Well, there’s no water slide but there’s still a nice lawn. At one point everyone went outside to sit on the grass and laugh:


Happy Thanksgiving ❤️

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I don’t know about you but I’ve never enjoyed grass-sitting. In the summer, the grass pricks my legs and I always feel like ants are climbing into my holes. Any other time of year the grass always feels wet to me and I don’t like walking around with damp-ass the rest of the day. What are these people doing on the grass? Was weed involved? I might be able to understand it a little more if weed was involved.

As for the beach photo shoot, it also involved the Mannequin Challenge:


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Taylor’s dancing normally embarrassed me. But I didn’t mind it here.