One of my favourite Taylor Swift facts is that she grew up on a Christmas tree farm. I feel like if Mariah Carey could rewrite her birthplace, Christmas tree farm would be her second choice, next to “luxury manger”, if such a thing exists. Which it can. Someone invented “glamping”, didn’t they?

Anyway, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are celebrating their first Christmas together in Vail, Colorado with her family. We know this because she told us on Instagram yesterday:


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Really proud of ourselves over here.

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That’s her brother Austin with them.

So Taylor won’t be single to end the year. She’ll also be dropping the video for Out Of The Woods at the end of the year, during New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. A statement, perhaps, about the state of her current relationship. But Taylor Swift + New Year’s Rockin’ Eve always reminds me of …

Three years ago on New Year’s Eve she was with Harry Styles. Three days later they broke up, spectacularly. You remember? They were away in the Caribbean. And she left, alone, papped forlornly on a boat. Click here for a refresher. This moment in gossip nostalgia has been brought to you by Dick Clark.