It’s not much of a kiss but here’s why I’m into it:

This kiss says everything both about their maturity and the newness of the relationship. Think of the awkwardness of a fresh relationship. Now imagine that awkwardness when the two people are young and dumb and self-conscious to the point of paralysis. Is that why Duana and I are obsessed with high school?

Or, some of you may read this as total Video Assumption confirmation that he’s gay and she’s bearding (even though she has nothing to gain from it as her album was released before this happened and was a smash hit, biggest of the year, before it happened) and if so -- great, good, fine. Whatever your interpretation, it’s still Good Gossip. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are really good for gossip. Every angle about it is good for gossip...

Like, is she Yoko Ono and tearing apart One Direction?

Taylor and 1D both performed at the Jingle Ball on Friday. Afterwards they all flew to London -- except that Harry travelled separately from his mates, getting a ride with Taylor on her private jet instead. So now everyone’s all like -- THAT F-CKING C*NT IS COMING BETWEEN THE BOYS!!!

Here are a few more details about how it actually went down, if it matters:

As they were the first up at the event, the other Directions booked it straight away to the airport to catch a commercial flight back to England, while Harry stayed back after 1D’s turn at the Jingle Ball so he could watch Taylor on stage. Then they got on her plane and went to London together. And he rejoined the others right away for another gig.

I mean...

I’m all for sh-tting on Taylor Swift for the hand hearts and the infantilising but, um, getting all Twi-Hard on her for providing transportation for her boyfriend is kind of unfair, non? And if it was Justin Bieber, or another other solo male artist, flying a girlbander out on a private jet, would we call it Yoko-ing, or would it be represented as romantic instead?

Can we move on now to her birthday? It’s this week. OMG. She hasn’t had a boyfriend on her birthday in two years, and maybe even longer since Jake Gyllenhaal was already trying to cut and run out on her by that time in their relationship anyway.

(Thanks Anna!)