Sounds the title for a comic book.

LOVE Taylor Swift. She was live at eTalk a few weeks ago and could not have been sweeter. Despite riding a chart high for weeks, killing it in album sales, Taylor has no pretentions. And her mother is not Dina Lohan. I remember seeing a video of Taylor and her mother a while ago, in line to vote. They waited like 8 hours, with other citizens, demanding no special treatment, happy to soak in the experience.

She was the same at eTalk. And she’s appreciative of her fans, even asking to extend a commercial break so that she could take more photos with them, holding up the camera, posing like girls do…

So why?

Why would Taylor Swift need to SHARE the stage with JailBail Miley Cyrus who BUTCHERED her song!


Don’t understand. Will never understand.

Here they are on the carpet both in black. Remember what I said about the pill a few articles ago re: Emma Watson?

Taylor Swift with Miley Cyrus at Grammy Awards 2009

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