It’s amazing how much more I like Taylor Swift again now that I know she won’t be Eponine. Here’s Taylor in West Hollywood yesterday looking really cute and comfortable. She’s been there for almost a week. We’re 10 days out from the Grammys. She’s scheduled to perform. It seems a little early to start preparing but then again, she could also be taking movie meetings. It’s not like Hollywood will stop offering her opportunities just because she couldn’t cut it opposite Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. After all, Hollywood keeps offering them to Justin Timberlake. As far as I’m concerned, their acting, it’s kind of the same.

Why must our musicians be actors?

I look forward to seeing Swifty at the Grammys on February 12. I do. I look forward to seeing her be surprised when she wins to no one’s surprise. Honestly. I’m even totally ok with her singing a little out of tune on stage. Just don’t mess with Les Miserables and we are hands and hearts friends again for real.