No, actually she didn’t. But if this isn’t a wedding gown...

And I don’t hate it at all. I just wish it could have been styled differently. Like going back to what I said in the Carrie Underwood post, I don’t understand why we can’t ever get a full forehead from the youth at one of these events, you know? Why with the curled under side part? I wish I could run my hand through the top of her head and scrape it back. I wish she’d let someone blow that sh-t out in soft waves off her face, no rings, no tendrils, see how that looks for a change.

No surprise, Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the Year, the most coveted award, at the CMA Awards last night. Who else could it be? She has the numbers and the hits to back it up. But you know what else she did? I’m told that even though she had the sales and marketing and popularity categories all wrapped up, she still hustled with the radio people, calling them personally for weeks, personally thanking them for playing and promoting her music, working the phones to make sure the award was hers.

If you don’t like her, you’ll find a way to sh-t on this. And if you do like her, as I do, you’ll appreciate it. The same way I appreciate Tracy Flick.

But you know what was happening exactly a year ago right now? Gwyneth introduced Swifty and Jakey Gyllenhaal and they dated for a month.